Adults Only – Hotels in Urla

”Adults Only – Hotels” in Urla

Urla, with all its features, is like one calm and quiet photograph of İzmir, where both summer and winter tourism is popular. Expectations from a vacation or travel sometimes varies according to people or season. Many people prefer a peaceful and quiet stay at the adults-only hotel during their holidays. Adults only hotel is another option in Urla, which appeals to a wide range with its enterprises of different concepts! 

For many people the ideal version of holiday is just resting, listening to the silence and resting your soul with simplicity, that is, living life in slow motion. With their features uniquely appealing to adults, these hotels are designed according to the adults’ taste; and they are distinguished from other hotels with their sophisticated and serene design.

Adults only hotels are like the secret harbor of those on their honeymoon, with grown up children, those who just want to experience a quiet holiday with their partners or those who want to relax alone. In these hotels, some of which also have discos or bars, the meal times are arranged at the later hours as mostly preferred by the adults, rather than the earlier hours the families with children prefer. In this article, we have brought together Urla Adults Only Hotel options, where you can listen to slow music, enjoy the beautiful view and the silence, and all what makes you feel this holiday as your own.

Teruar Urla

 Teruar Hotel, Urla

The word teruar, which the hotel is named after, means the environmental factors, including the unique growing environment of a crop. Teruar Urla is an area that creates its own world among vineyards and olive trees. This unique hotel also serves as a restaurant. Teruar Urla, which defines its cuisine as local and simple, combines the flavors of the soil, water and sun with the season’s growth that comes from the special producers of Turkey and especially Urla. The rooms with a view overlooking the vineyards and hills of Urla, and minimally oriented meticulous decoration designed with completely natural textures and materials invite those who wish for a peaceful holiday.

Narimor Urla

 Narimor Hotel, Urla

Named after the purple pomegranate found in its garden, Narimor is actually an old Urla house. With its historical structure, this boutique hotel is 3 km from Urla Art Street and 6 km from the city center. It was restored without any damage to its historical texture, and no chemical materials are kept in any area of the hotel.

Narimor is a boutique hotel with 9 rooms, each of which is designed with a different concept and is between 25-45 meter square. Seven rooms are suite and two are standard. You can see the antiques in compliance with the concept that was created in each room. In the presence of the antiques, furniture and decorative objects dated from 1940s back to 1800s in every corner of the hotel, the guests take a quick time-trip. The hotel advocates what is natural and that nature should be protected; and the hotel menu completely consists of the organic food that comes from producers of Urla.

When you stay at Narimor Urla Hotel, you may experience the advantages of being in the city center. You can reach Malgaca Market, Arasta Bazaar and Art Street in 3 minutes; and the restaurants such as Beğendik AbiHİÇ UrlaDas Cantina in 5 minutes. If you came by car or if you want to use any means of transportation, you can visit the wine producers on the Urla Vineyard Road, starting with USCA Winery, or you can visit Teos Marina, Teos Antique City, and see new places and try new tastes.

Address: Camiatik, Sümbüllü Çeşme Sok. No:15, 35430, Urla/İzmir

Tel: (0232) 754 12 02

OD Urla Guesthouse

 OD Urla Guesthouse, Urla

Being located right next to Od Urla, which is one of the most successful restaurants in Urla, Od Urla Guesthouse is the perfect place for those who want to try more of these delicious flavors and also look for the comfort of their home while on vacation. By passing through the olive trees, the cute and warm building that you reach at is the Od Urla Guesthouse. Od Urla is determined to make its guests happy with the rooms designed especially for you where you can experience the comfort of home, besides its pool with the perfect feeling of being on vacation. And, it actually is successful with its goals…

This is a 5-room hotel built on a 15-decare olive grove. It is almost a purification center with its nature, scenery and, of course, delicious breakfasts from Od Urla. Parking service is also available for guests who want to come to Od Urla, which is 4 km from Urla center and 15 minutes from Urla Art Street, by their private car. The guests who stay at Od Urla also have the opportunity to visit nearby places such as Bakery Vourla at the Limantepe Pier, Blue Beach (Mavi Plaj), Urla Art Street, Uzbaş Arboreturum, Altınköy Beach and İzmir Institute of Technology.

 Address: Rüstem Mahallesi 2018/9 Sokak No:28 Süt Pınarı Mevkii, 35430 Urla/ İzmir

Tel: (0541) 323 68 23

Yelken Hotel Urla

 Yelken Hotel, Urla

Located at the seafront in Urla Pier, Yelken Hotel serves its adult guests with its rooms named according to their location on the building and the direction of the wind. The hotel provides a quiet and peaceful accommodation experience away from the crowd, which is also its most important feature. For this reason, and despite all insistences, the business chooses to serve breakfast only to its guests staying at the hotel. Offering a warm atmosphere to its guests with its minimal and modest decoration, the hotel is the right address for those who want to fall asleep with the sound of waves at night and begin the day by watching the sunrise.

Art Design Hotel

 Art Design Hotel, Urla

The hotel has constructed an environment where the guests can experience the warmth and comfort of their own home at the centenary stone building, which has been carefully and meticulously brought back to life without any damage to its texture, and also reserving the eclectical form of art and design in its soul. The hotel provides a very peaceful and quiet accommodation with its satisfying meals and tasting experiences at a gratifying ambiance. Since its architectural design is not suitable for children and it wants to stand out with its quiet and serenity, the hotel mostly admits guests without children for accommodation, still there may be exceptional circumstances. 

2 Rooms Hotel

 Two Rooms Hotel, Urla Winery 

Two Rooms, located in Kuşçular area, is Turkey’s smallest hotel. As you open your eyes at the beginning of the day, the immediate feeling of relaxation comes with the warm touch of the sun as it warms you, and while the vineyards and the magnificent nature stretch out as far as you can see… Two Rooms is almost a hidden paradise on earth.

Two Rooms Hotel, located behind the vineyards of Urla Winery, is charming as well as being romantic with its large windows which let in the most sun; and you can get luxury and comfort at the same time. The rooms are designed with a noble and tasteful understanding as well as being simple. This charming two-room hotel is hidden behind the vineyards; and it offers its guests the opportunity to share all the enthusiasm of vineyard, harvest times, tastings, a thousand kinds of plants cultivating in the neighboring garden, hiking track, crystal clear sea and Urla. For those who want to stay as a family, it should be noted that there is a minimum age limit of 12 for children.

Address: Kuşçular, 8028. Sk. No:12, 35430 Urla/ İzmir

Tel: (0232) 759 01 11

Mitera 1905 Museum Hotel

 Mitera 1905 Museum Hotel | Urla

Mitera is a warm and friendly hotel in Urla with the pomegranate trees in the garden, which enhance its beauty. The hotel was opened to service when the 112-year-old stone building, located next to the Urla New Bath, was bought and restored. Its owner Ms. Mehtap says Mitera, meaning “mama-mother” in Greek, is a project which made her dreams come true.

Mitera 1905 serves its guests with two rooms and a kitchen. You can find decorative objects and carved wooden bed headboards in Mitera’s rooms which will take you to a time-trip. On the other hand, Mitera’s famous breakfast includes wide variety of jams, the owner Ms. Mehtap has made from the freshly picked fruits of the season. Having your breakfast of Aegean’s local products on design tables will be a feast both for your eyes and your stomach.

If you can’t forget the taste of these marvelous jams you had at the breakfast, you can buy more of them at the Mitera Shop and you can also find desserts from Sephardic, Levantine and Greek cuisine. One of the most beautiful aspects of Mitera is its quiet and peaceful garden. The ultimate peace you will feel in your soul as you sense the sweet warmth of the sun under the pomegranate trees is priceless… You also have the chance to participate in cultural events and workshops in Mitera. The guests of Mitera, who are keen on gastronomy and new tastes, can stop by flavor stops such as La PenaCoffeeco UrlaHİÇ Restaurant and Beğendik Abi Restaurant 200 meters away.

Address: Yeni, Erinç Sok. No:33, 35430 Urla/ İzmir

Tel: (0232) 754 35 19

1870’s Taş Konak (Stone Mansion) Hotel Cafe & Bakery

 1870’s Taş Konak Hotel Cafe & Bakery | Urla

1870’s Taş Konak, located at the center of Urla and within walking distance to Art Street, takes you back 150 years with its architectural structure. The hotel has elaborated not to miss even the smallest detail with the intention to reflect the historical texture of the period in the most accurate way.

The rooms of the 5-room hotel are named as a result of fine impression. The rooms, named after important people who lived in Urla in the past, were also designed in accordance with the concept. The names of the rooms are: Necati Cumalı, Alexander the Great, Yorgo Seferis, Princess Ulice, Anaxagoras.

After thinking on the most delicious breakfast options for the guests, 1870’s Taş Konak Hotel made its preference on Hatay Breakfast, which is actually one of the best. The breakfast service is available all day long; and all the food offered, 25 different breakfast food, is organic. There is also a restaurant with the same name in the hotel. All the products used for the food served in the hotel come from wherever they are grown. 

Guests staying at the 1870’s Taş Konak Hotel have the opportunity to see many places without wasting any time as the hotel is located at the center of Urla. Some places you can visit: Klazomenia ancient city olive oil workshop, Necati Cumalı’s house, Urla Vineyard Road wine producers, Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Turkish Bath, Yorgo Seferis’ house…

AddressYelaltı, Yıldız Park Sk. No:22, 35430 Urla/İzmir

Tel(0232) 754 18 70

Saklı Taş Konak (Hidden Stone Mansion) Hotel

 Saklı Taş Konak Hotel | Urla

Saklı Taş Konak Hotel is built by the owners of the 1870’s Taş Konak Hotel with the same perception. Located in the center of Urla, the hotel was brought to life by restoring a 110-year-old historical Greek Mansion. As in the 1870’s Taş Konak Hotel, you can see many pieces of antique and retro objects in this hotel. The former owner of the mansion, Midwife Melahat, is a former midwife nurse and has worked as a midwife in many parts of Turkey. Her last stop was Urla, where she continued to deliver babies and she lived in this historical mansion until the 2000s, when she died. Saklı Taş Konak Hotel, opened in 2021, is one of the newest hotels in Urla.

This historical hotel with 4 rooms is a place where you can see the glimmer of the past through today’s eyes. As well as 4 rooms for accommodation, the hotel also has a meeting room. For the families with children who wish to make reservation, it should be noted that there is a minimum age limit of 12 for children. While staying at this hotel, as an advantage of being at the center of Urla, you may choose Hiç Restaurant, Historical Şafak Restaurant or Beğendik Abi Restaurant for the dinners. Arkas Art Museum, Barbaros Village, and Bademler Village are just a few alternatives you may go for sightseeing.

AddressHacı İsa, Ülke Sok. No:5, 35430 Urla/İzmir

Tel(0232) 754 99 80

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